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(Go-based operators) Update Makefile’s bundle target

In the Makefile file, replace bundle: manifests with bundle: manifests kustomize to call the kustomize target when the bundle target is used.

See #4090 for more details.

(Go-based operators) Upgrade version to v0.6.3

In the go.mod file replace v0.6.2 with v0.6.3 and then run go mod tidy.

See #4062 for more details.

(Go-based operators with multigroup support) Fix CRDDirectoryPath in controllers/<group>/suite_test.go

If your project is multi-group, then replace CRDDirectoryPaths: []string{filepath.Join("..", "config", "crd", "bases")}, with CRDDirectoryPaths: []string{filepath.Join("..", "..", "config", "crd", "bases")}, in suite_test.go files found in controllers/<group>/ directories. Otherwise, the tests will fail since this EnvTest will not be looking for the CRD’s in the correct location. For more info, see kubebuilder#1665.

See #4062 for more details.